Nov 27, 2020

Service Before Self Podcast Featuring The COMMIT Foundation

Anne Meree Craig, CEO and CO-Founder of COMMIT discusses transitioning from military services to civilian society with host Sam Whitehurst, COMMIT Alumni and Vice President (Programs & Services) at Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services.

It is never too early to think about your future after the military, but it is often easier said than done. Service members usually start thinking about transitioning once they are already “in the breach”; why do they wait so long? The struggle of what will be the next career is shared by many military members. The COMMIT Foundation is an organization that assists service members in figuring out the answer to that question and finding the best next thing to do that is going to bring value to their lives and help them to find their purpose. Craig shares her story and describes how The COMMIT Foundation helps high-performance service members find their purpose and become contributing members of their communities.

Listen here: Spotify or Apple.

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