The COMMIT Foundation

COMMIT has proven its ability to build powerful tools, relationships and cultures that empower our Nation’s finest in their transition out of uniform.


The COMMIT Foundation empowers service members, veterans, and their families to create purposeful and fulfilling transitions by providing personalized programs, resources, and the support of community.

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How It Started

Moved by the experience of her husband’s service struggles in transition and the veterans she met who were entering civilian life, Anne Meree Craig partnered with a friend and founded The COMMIT Foundation in 2012.

Anne Meree wanted to create a place where those who served our Nation could gain information, confidence and imagination in their transition journey. What she created was The COMMIT Foundation, where all veterans already have a unique value proposition that benefits our communities.

While The COMMIT Foundation has stayed true to this original mission, as the military need has shifted, The COMMIT Foundation has continued to evolve. Focusing on the areas of identity and purpose and building a supportive community, COMMIT strives to ensure that all service members can achieve a meaningful life post-military service. Over twelve years later COMMIT has served over 5,000 service members, veterans and family members through over 17,000 services.

Quality over quantity through high touch, high impact methods

Our high touch, high impact approach is designed to create the greatest value for the people we serve. COMMIT helps service members and veterans identify and gain access to leaders in the industries about which they are passionate. Through these carefully crafted experiences, service members can explore possible new careers, expand their network, and build a supportive community for the next phase of life.

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Why We Exist

Service members live a post service life of community and purpose when they discover their identity, their values and design a life in accordance.

Who We Serve

Service members, military veterans, and family members transitioning out of military service who are driven, humble and willing to do the work.

Who We Are

A national team of professionals and trustworthy guides that are empathetic, innovative, and agile.

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What We Do

We provide personalized services and support that allows service members, military veterans, and family members to own their transition and design their lives.

How We Do It

By creating a caring and supportive environment that allows service members to pause, assess and gain clarity. Within this environment, we provide timely and personalized coaching, resources, and guidance as they take their next steps.

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