In less than 48 hours, COMMIT truly set the foundation for my military transition to civilian life. COMMIT professionals provided unique tools, information and contacts to execute my final military operation! I am thankful for this organization and recommend it to America's best.

Thomas - COL U.S. Army

COMMIT connected me with a diverse group of veterans and mentors, who showed me new ways to develop and leverage my network while opening my eyes to opportunities I had never considered.

George - LtCol U.S. Marines

Commit is a deeply sophisticated and nuanced provider of veteran transition services. Their integrity and investment in veterans' journeys is a best in class benchmark to which all VSOs should strive.

Christian - CPT U.S. Army

No veteran ever pays for COMMIT services

  • The COMMIT Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization, fundamentally changing the way service members and veterans approach their transition from the military to the civilian sector.

  • COMMIT’s transition services are founded on the concept of identifying exactly where the veterans are in their transition journey, coaching them through a set of modules designed to help them determine what lives they want to live post-service, and connecting them with people who can help make the life they’ve designed a reality.

  • COMMIT is recognized as a thought leader in the military transition space. COMMIT programs have been recognized by former President George W. Bush and First Lady, Mrs. Laura Bush, elite military units, the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth, Stanford Ignite, U.S. Military Academy at West Point, NASDAQ and others.

Program Participant Survey Results

Over 99%

feel confident about their military to civilian career transition

Over 99%

can imagine what they want to do when they leave the military

Over 95%

believe they have adequate information to navigate their transition

Over 99%

will recommend The COMMIT Foundation to friends and colleagues

*Surveys are conducted following completion of a COMMIT program and are focused on the “3 Gaps” Veterans face as they transition

Why Commit?

Renew Perspective

COMMIT believes you can change someone’s perspective and thus their trajectory in a few minutes of quality dialogue.

Quality Over Quantity

COMMIT seeks to provide high impact transition services by designing programs that give the greatest value to each veteran we serve.

Invest In Those With The Greatest Potential

COMMIT believes we do a disservice to our Nation by not investing in those that add the most value.

Change The Narrative And Challenge Assumptions

COMMIT recognizes high value service members and veterans are often overlooked from a services standpoint because people think they don’t need help.