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Explore the COMMIT knowledge base below. If you're unable to find what you're looking for, contact us for help.

Send an email to begin the conversation through our Contact page. Check out our website for a description of Mentor's roles and responsibilities.

Feel free to fill out a contact form for any inquiry or technical issue. The contact form can be found here.

First, try refreshing the page. Unfortunately, bugs in the software do occur. It would be greatly appreciated if you could help identify the problem. Email, describing what’s happening in as much detail as possible

Navigate here to reset your COMMIT account password.

The COMMIT platform is a browser-based application. Browser settings, browser version, browser extensions, and network configurations can prevent you from logging in. We ensure the that the web application works on the most up-to-date version on all of the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari
  • Microsoft Edge

If you are on the most up-to-date version of one of those browsers and still having technical issues, some tips for troubleshooting are:

  • If you haven't created an account, do so via the create account page
  • Try logging in with a different browser. If you're able to login successfully in a different browser, try clearing the cache in the original browser and try logging in again
  • Clear your browser's cache
  • Login using a different device - a different computer, tablet, or phone
  • Login using a different wifi network. We've had issues with networks restricting access to the COMMIT platform. If it works on a different network, it's possible that the first network's configuration is restricting access
  • Turn off browser add-ons or plugins. We've had issues with browser plugins preventing access. Go through your browser's plugins, turning them off or disabling them one at a time until you find the ones that are preventing access. Often, the plugins only need to be configured to be disabled or approved for the site
  • Feel free to reach out to our technical support team via email!

You must apply. You will be contacted when your submitted application has been reviewed and accepted.

While watching any video, click "add to my playlist" to add it. Your playlist bookmarks as many videos as you like for your convenience.

While we recognize the immense number of variables contributing to this decision, our experience has identified that 12-5 months prior to separation / retirement as the optimum time to work through COMMIT's programs and services. This doesn't preclude anyone outside of this window from applying, as we will tailor services to fit your needs.

Mentoring is an incredibly powerful component of COMMIT's services. Once you've intentionally invested yourself in our transition programs, we will work with you to determine the best mentor to move you closer to your goals. This mentor will guide you in building a network of contacts related to your targeted function or industry.

Contact your DVS for more information.

A character limit is set for each text field within PYP. An attempt to cut and paste text in excess of this limit will not work. Ensure that the pasted text meet the character limitations.

COMMIT publishes the workshop schedule as soon as an agreement with the hosting party is established. We work to provide a 6-9 month outlook from which our veterans can plan. Contact your Director of Veteran Services to be considered for a workshop.

COMMIT will only see the submitted version of your initial application. If you've already submitted an application and it has been approved, COMMIT will be made aware of edits after the application is updated and "Finish Edits" is selected.

To be considered for a workshop please contact your Director of Veteran Services. Selections for a workshop occur 3 months prior to the workshop date. If you do not have a Director of Veteran Services yet please complete your application for COMMIT services.

COMMIT only uses one application for all services. You will receive a notification email of the services that are available. If you have questions concerning your application please contact us.

Check to make sure every required field is filled out (some fields aren’t required - they will have the word ‘optional’ next to them). When you attempt to submit an incomplete application, a red X will appear by each page containing an incomplete field.

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