COMMIT focuses on quality over quantity. With a focus on the individual, we create tailored action plans and unique programs. The result is a small touch and high impact experience that propels the Veteran on the proper trajectory. COMMIT understands there are a wide range of challenges facing our Veterans and that it will take many initiatives (often overlapping) to ensure success. We consistently bring highly talented Veterans into our programs and reward them with quality services tailored to the individual. Our lines of operation include Mentoring Workshops, One-on-One Assistance, and Corporate Education.

Mentoring Workshops

Small Touch, High Impact. Creating Serendipity

Our mentoring workshops are where magic happens. By harnessing the power of networks and relationships, we enable Veterans to put their best foot forward. COMMIT conducts an extensive application process resulting in the selection of 12 Veterans. The Veterans spend two days with twelve highly experienced professionals from the private sector. COMMIT does not believe that mentorship can be forced but we do select mentors based on the desired career paths of the Veterans. Our workshops focus on goal-setting, life’s decision points, and potential paths. They are powerful lessons that reinforce integrity, family, and the passionate pursuit of a meaningful career.

    Where We've Been...
  • Pursuing Your Passion; Honolulu, HI - September 2017
  • Stanford Ignite Post 9-11 Veterans; Palo Alto, CA - June 2017
  • Changing the Narrative Gala; Baltimore, MD - May 2017
  • Pursuing Your Passion; Baltimore, MD - May 2017
  • Veterans in the Valley; Menlo Park, CA - April 2017
  • Transition Azimuth Check; Bozeman, MT - February 2017
  • Whitefish Veterans Support Team Program; Whitefish, MT - January 2017
  • Veterans in Finance; New York, NY - November 2016
    Where We're Going...
  • Pursuing Your Passion; Atlanta, GA - October 2017
  • Pursuing Your Purpose: COMMIT and VETTED; Austin, TX - February 2018
  • Pursuing Your Purpose: COMMIT and USASOC; Fort Bragg, NC - March 2018
  • Pursuing Your Purpose ; Denver, CO - April 2018
  • Pursuing Your Purpose ; San Diego, CA - May 2018
  • Pursuing Your Purpose ; Nashville, TN - September 2018
  • Pursuing Your Purpose ; Boston, MA - October 2018

One-on-one Transition Assistance

Individual Attention. Creating Results.

COMMIT works with Veterans individually to ensure the first steps they take out of the military are the right ones. We rely upon our networks and resources to open up doors and opportunities that otherwise might not be readily available to the Veterans. Assistance comes in various forms and The COMMIT Foundation works to fill the gaps that other organizations are either not providing, or not providing in a timely manner. If you are a transitioning service member or post 9/11 Veteran with fire in your belly, please apply today.

Corporate Education Initiatives

Military Experience through a Civilian Lens.

Transition and Veteran hiring is about individuals, not metrics. We work with companies to ensure they understand Veteran skill-sets and experiences. Corporations have a tremendous opportunity and an enormous amount of value in front of them when a Veteran comes on board. We work to ensure the relationships are the right ones, the placements are appropriate, and the proper mentoring and conditions are set for long-term success. COMMIT values partnering with like-minded organizations to create opportunity and value for one another. By working together to design proposals, we can create opportunities for the Nation’s most highly valued Veterans, whether it be for mentorship, networking, camaraderie, inspiration, or employment.

Upcoming Events and Workshops