The COMMIT Foundation's mission is to help exceptional American servicemembers and veterans into successful roles and careers post-service.

We aim to create serendipity for men and women separating from the uniformed services and entering the professional civilian world. We create tailored transition solutions for top veteran talent and reach veterans across the nation through high impact workshops and one-on-one transition assistance programs.

Veterans already have unique skills required to succeed in the civilian world but many need assistance navigating their new path and tapping into civilian networks. COMMIT understands that veterans face three gaps as they leave military service: an information gap, a confidence gap, and an imagination gap. COMMIT programs are thoughtfully designed to address each of these gaps.

Information Gap

We educate veterans on the value of their knowledge, skills, and abilities. We help them understand how these skills translate to a civilian career so they can better understand their opportunities.

Confidence Gap

We help veterans get their individual confidence back. Having worked as a collective unit for a collective mission in the service, we provide the resources for veterans to once again self-identify and understand their unique and personal value.

Imagination Gap

We help veterans broaden their aperture in order to rethink and redefine what is possible. We encourage veterans to set their sights and goals high rather than aiming simply for what they know or what seems clear.


2016 Annual Report

Our Team

We are veterans. We are military spouses. We are business professionals. We are on your team through your transition and beyond. The COMMIT Foundation was founded by Anne Meree Craig and Guy Filippelli. The team is constantly growing in response to the demand for expansion of COMMIT's services, impact, and outreach. In addition to COMMIT's full-time staff, a tremendous network of veterans and patriots volunteer to serve as advisors and mentors when called upon for program support.


Staff Member Bios

Anne Meree Craig

Co-Founder and Executive Director

Michele Olive

Director of Veteran Services

Alex Empson

Director of Veteran Services

Charlie Bailey

Director of Operations

Scott Walgren

Director of Programs

Maggie Collins

Director of Development

Matt Hayden

Director of Online Programs and Content

Brian Rauch

Data Analytics Manager

Phil Caruso


Ashley Bickerstaff

Internal Operations Assistant


Board Member Bios

Guy Filippelli


Tom Peddicord

Kim Greene

Charles Spearman

Matt Oberhardt

Mimi Bock

Senior Advisors

Senior Advisor Bios

Dick W. Boyce

Senior Advisor

Bill Kraus

Senior Advisor

Chris Thomas

Senior Advisor

Chris Hsu

Senior Advisor