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Transition Azimuth Check, in partnership with The Station Foundation

February 1, 2018 — February 11, 2018
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OVERVIEW: Special Operations veterans and spouses participate in unique workshop set in a remote location in southwest Montana. The workshop, staffed by Special Operations veterans, business leaders, and transition experts, guides participants through their lives of service, the difficult decisions surrounding transition, and the challenging landscape of returning to the civilian sector. Through a mix of outdoor activities, conversations, and guided solution-focused processes, participants learn what it means to enjoy a healthy transition, find purpose beyond uniform, and create meaningful impact in their personal lives, families, and community.

01-05 FEB: Veterans connect with leaders in the private sector who are committed to the transition process, accelerating discussions on strategies to achieving goals and milestones critical for realizing success. While leaders in the civilian sectors gain a better understanding of their role in military transition, Veterans demonstrate intangible skills that make their experiences valuable.

05-08 FEB: Spouses arrive and participate in a unique opportunity to focus on the family dynamics overlooked in the transition process. SOF mentors and their spouses share personal experiences, offering insights into the differing aspects of the journey. Couples work together in considering life after military service, and how to best navigate the path ahead as a cohesive, healthy family. Spouse arrive 05 FEB and depart 08 FEB.

08-11 FEB: Service Members work closely with The COMMIT Foundation to harness the power of networks and relationships. Participants spend two days with highly experienced professionals creating networks and opening doors. Workshop focuses on goal-setting, life’s decision points, potential career paths, and powerful sessions reinforcing integrity, family, and the passionate pursuit of a meaningful career.

Upon completion, participants receive individual transition support for up to twelve months, further preparing for purpose-driven lives beyond uniform.

HOW TO APPLY: Download, complete and submit application below to lgagner@thestationfoundation.org

VETERANS: must be committed, motivated, hard working combat veterans who served in the Special Operations Community since 9/11/01. Applicants [and Spouses] must be able to fully participate without external requirements. Successful alumni of TrAC possess the willingness and drive to explore and answer the challenges ahead, arriving in Montana prepared to tackle the dynamic and uncertain paths of transition.

Submit applications to lgagner@thestationfoundation.org no later than 11 December 2017. Be prepared for telephonic interviews during the selection process. Notification of acceptance occurs prior to 18 December 2017.

MENTORS: must be leaders of character who embody the virtues of service, honor, and integrity. Mentors are expected to be thoughtful, engaging and willing to share insights on life’s lessons, key decision points and serendipitous moments along the way. Mentors will be hand-selected through an interview process to best match selected veterans with the appropriate support. Once selected, mentors will have the opportunity to select block dates

To serve as a mentor, and for questions surrounding this event, please contact:

THE STATION (Kevin): kstacy@thestationfoundation.org

COMMIT (Anne Meree): annemeree@commitfoundation.org

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Bozeman, MT