Women Veterans in Transition

Virtual Workshop

Oct 13, 2020 — Oct 16, 2020

~~Women Veterans in Transition~~ APPLICATION CLOSED


Participants will work with coaches and mentors to establish clear career goals and strategies for a successful transition.

COMMIT believes in the power of mentorship and knows thirty minutes of quality dialogue with an inspirational leader can change one’s trajectory. We believe the first step for service members and veterans is to identify their desired career path and to better understand the values and ideals that will shape them beyond military service. This workshop will provide an opportunity to explore these topics with the goals of:

• Educating service members and veterans on different careers in business;
• Expanding the imagination about possible career paths;
• Building confidence about transitioning to a new industry;
• Increasing self-awareness about core values and desired career outcomes;
• Providing information about and access to leaders in the business sector.

An agenda will be provided prior to the workshop. The workshop kicks off with a 2-hour introduction on Tuesday and a 2-hour closing on Friday. Please plan on full days Wednesday and Thursday. In addition, the workshop includes a 2-hour follow up discussion Friday, October 30.

If you wish to contact us, please e-mail The COMMIT Foundation at info@commitfoundation.org

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