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Hiring the right veteran for the right job is hard. COMMIT provides the training and education to create the corporate culture necessary for successful hiring of top tier service members and veterans.

Misconceptions, skill translation gaps, and culture gaps may hinder many service members and veterans from earning the right job and companies from hiring the right veteran

Misconceptions, skills translation gaps, and culture gaps may hinder many veterans from earning the right job and companies from hiring the right veteran.

Veteran-Friendly to Veteran-Ready

Mobilizing well-intentioned veteran support into deliberate and intentional veteran hiring is beneficial to a corporation’s bottom line and an opportunity to reinvest in high performing service members. It is at the core of how COMMIT enables corporate partners to reframe and reinvent their veteran initiative programs.


As a veteran entrepreneur, it was a great opportunity to meet the leaders of one of the best venture capital firms in the world during the program!

Luke - CPT U.S. Army

Forged over the past decade through working with hundreds of high value veterans, COMMIT has developed a five step process that speaks to the needs of organizations; a process that attracts, hires, and ultimately retains the best veteran talent for our partner’s organization.

The Corporate Hiring Process

COMMIT offers the best in class programs forged by decades of experience and military expertise. Programs are designed to support workforce training and education, veteran recruiting, selection, onboarding, and retention processes, and other Diversity & Inclusion initiatives. These areas of focus help organizations build a pipeline of veteran talent and leverage the skills to meet talent management objectives for the entire workforce.

Program Objectives


Demonstrate how to effectively identify, recruit, hire, and retain high-performing veteran talent in order to improve business outcomes.


Provide training and tools to transform corporate culture from Veteran-Friendly to Veteran-Ready.


Develop a Veteran Hiring Playbook tailored specifically to the corporations with whom we partner.

COMMIT works with corporate leadership and hiring professionals to conduct an intense deep-dive into the corporations and companies with whom we partner.

Core components of COMMIT’s Corporate Education Program:

  • On-Site and Virtual Education and Training

    COMMIT works both off-site and on-site in partnership with the companies we educate, with the intention of making long-term significant impact across Corporate America.

  • The Veteran Hiring Playbook

    A custom tailored, leave-behind tool that becomes part of your corporate culture, allowing your hiring professionals to be well-equipped and confident about hiring and retaining veteran talent.

  • COMMIT Digital Library

    Once a company has partnered with COMMIT, they will also benefit from access to COMMIT’s Digital Library for continued learning and veteran hiring guidance and insights.


Prior to participating in the COMMIT Foundation program I often experienced great levels of anxiety and stress. This event provided a very clear, succinct method to re-evaluate and prioritize what is truly important to me when considering career transition.

Derek - SFC U.S. Army

True to our name, we are committed to making long-term, significant impact in changing the way Corporate America thinks about hiring and retaining veteran talent.

Our partners are high-functioning organizations with executive sponsorship, a commitment to results and an entrepreneurial spirit.

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