The COMMIT Foundation is partnering with Veterans and soon-to-be Veterans to ensure their transition from military service to the professional civilian world is productive, meaningful, and successful. For each Veteran, the path to a new career is unique; each approaches this task as a complex person balancing his or her goals, obligations, and responsibilities: family, geography, finances, education, and aspirations.

The COMMIT Foundation partners with Veterans, connecting them with successful individuals and opportunities to help guide and mentor them as they move on their unique paths to success.

What are they saying?


“The COMMIT Foundation provided me with an opportunity to reflect on my upcoming transition with a clear and informed head.”


“The COMMIT Foundation has been instrumental in making my upcoming transition a time of opportunity that I look forward to, vice the time of trepidation that many vets experience."

Annie and Matt

“I just wanted to write and say thanks…as the ease of this transition is credited to you and COMMIT."


“The COMMIT Foundation has been a vital asset during this time of concept development; having business executives as mentors has helped me feel comfortable with where I am and defining where I want to go.”


“The COMMIT Foundation workshop was an excellent opportunity to be honest about the transition process. I was able to communicate my concerns, reservations, and ideas to my mentor without worrying about simply getting a job.”


“To say the COMMIT transition workshop I attended in Silicon Valley was transformational would be an understatement."


“At the workshop, I listened to other women veterans talk about their triumphs and struggles—all at different stages in the process of becoming civilians."


“I am very thankful to The COMMIT Foundation for giving me the rudder steer I needed in order to keep me moving in the right direction! The biggest lesson I learned from the workshop was that networking is vitally important to accelerating one’s career.”


“I am very thankful The COMMIT Foundation was able to provide me with the necessary guidance and support I needed to establish this optimistic outlook!”

Will and Anne

“COMMIT has been critical in shaping my family’s transition from military service."


"Because of the opportunities introduced by The COMMIT Foundation, I am now employed at one of the most successful technology companies in the world. The COMMIT Foundation changed my career trajectory and enabled me to successfully transition."