We create opportunities for veterans by fostering mentorship, growing networks, and promoting familiar camaraderie.
One on one transition

Transition Mentoring Workshops

Our mentoring workshops are where magic happens. By harnessing the power of networks and relationships, we enable servicemembers and veterans to put their best foot forward. COMMIT conducts an application and selection process. Participants spend two days with highly experienced professionals creating networks and opening doors. Our workshops focus on goal-setting, life’s decision points, and potential career paths. Workshops are powerful sessions reinforcing integrity, family, and the passionate pursuit of a meaningful career.

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Mentoring workshops

One-on-one Transition Assistance

COMMIT works with servicemembers and veterans individually to ensure the first steps they take out of the military are better informed. We rely upon networks and resources to open up doors and create opportunities that otherwise might not be readily available to the program participants. Assistance comes in various forms, including skills assessments, resume assistance, career or executive coaching, mentorship, and other professional development opportunities. The COMMIT Foundation works to provide tailored transition solutions through this line of service.

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“For the record, COMMIT has been incredible in facilitating my transition. I never felt like a number. It is nice to not be made to feel like a statistic. I thank you for that.”